Americans for Campaign Reform has joined forces with Fund for the Republic to become Issue One. Please visit our new website for more information.

Who we are


“The real problem in Washington today is there’s too much money in the political process. We need to go to public financing of elections.”

“At less than $1 billion per year for all congressional elections, a Fair Elections program could prove the best investment ever made with public money given the $87 billion in annual corporate welfare subsidies to major contributors.”

- Christine Todd Whitman
Former Governor of New Jersey
ACR Advisory Board Member

About Us

We are a community of citizens who believe passionately that public funding is the single most critical long-term public policy issue our nation faces. What’s at stake are nothing less than the health of our democracy, the quality of our leadership, and our government’s ability to tackle the serious problems that affect us all: health care, energy policy, education, the environment and the economy.

Clearly, incumbents have an interest in keeping the current system in place — because it keeps them in place. It will take a powerful, non-partisan, grassroots movement to demand their support for a new kind of politics in America.


We have a vision of a better America, and a return to a more responsive, participatory democracy. It’s a nation whose leaders are accountable to the voters, and elected according to their abilities, their qualifications and their character. A nation whose citizens once more have confidence in their leaders and in the integrity of the political system. A nation where cynicism and apathy are replaced by the true American ideals of optimism and activism.